The company originated with a drive-in restaurant called "Parkette" in Charleston, West Virginia. Alex Shoenbaum opened the restaurant in 1947, then acquired a Big Boy franchise in 1951. Two years later, Shoenbaum renamed the Parkette "Shoney's Big Boy." During this time, Ray Danner was building a restaurant business in central Tennessee and opened his first Big Boy franchise in 1959 in Madison, Tennessee. He incorporated his privately owned company in 1968

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Shoney's, Inc., is one of the restaurant industry's most respected companies. As of 1998 the restaurant chain operated or franchised over 1,300 restaurants in 34 states, including Shoney's, Captain D's, and the Pargo's and Fifth Quarter specialty restaurants. The company owned 893 restaurants and franchised 494 others.




Pumpkin Pie

Big Boy Restaurant Copycat Recipe

Serves 8

1 (15 oz.) can pure pumpkin puree
1 (12 oz.) can evaporated milk
3/4 cup sugar
2-3  teaspoons pumpkin pie spice
1/2  teaspoon cinnamon
several dashes salt
2 large eggs, slightly beaten

Whisk pumpkin, milk, sugar and spices together. Taste and add more pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon if you want. Add salt and eggs and blend. Pour into pastry-lined pan. Bake at 425 for 15 minutes; lower temperature to 350 and bake 30 to 35 minutes or until set.

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